Low-Profile Turntable

Due to my setup, I'm looking for an top-quality turntable that measures no more than 7" (17.8 cm) in height from underneath the feet to the top of the dust cover. Budget is about $2000-$3000.

A friend is recommending either the Rega P3-24 or the Clearaudio Performance.

What would you recommend?
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There's a used B&O Beogram for sale here for a very inexpensive price. That should fit your need.

It doesn't have to be a slim profile turntable like a B&O. Even a Technics SL12x0 is under 7", so I'd think that any turntable without a Herculean-sized plinth and suspension system would fit.

For example, the Clearaudio Performance CMB Turntable w/ Satisfy Carbon Tonearm is right in your budget range and is 5.1" high.

Is your 7" height requirement only considering the non-use position? I wonder because placing a record on the platter needs some vertical space even without a dust cover. Additionally, many TT's dust covers (eg. Dual and Technics) are hinged so require more height for use than the static dimension.

It's hard to understand your height limitation without a pic. Would the TT sit on a slide out drawer/shelf?

cheers, ed
The 7" height restriction (including dust cover) would be when not in use. Once the dust cover removed, I would have a total of 9" which should provide enough clearance for placing an LP on the turntable provided the turntable platter is low.

So far, for my budget and height restrictions, I leaning towards the following possibilities:
- Rega P3-24
- Rega P5
- Clearaudio Emotion
- Clearaudio Performance
- VPI Scout
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The 7" height restriction (including dust cover) would be when not in use. Once the dust cover removed, I would have a total of 9"...
9 - 7 = 2

Is 2" enough clearance to remove the dustcover without banging the tonearm? I doubt it.
OK, I'm not explaining myself very well here (my bad).

I have a 54" plasma TV that is mounted on an Avion A/V cabinet via a bracket. This allows the TV to be "suspended" 9" from the cabinet's top (that is, the TV does not sit on the cabinet). The turntable will sit on this cabinet in front of the "suspended" TV. When the turntable is not in use, I do not want it to block the view of the TV screen. Therefore, I need a turntable that will be less than 7"-8" in height, including the dust cover. Since the turntable is sitting on the cabinet, in front of the "suspended" TV, there is plenty of room above the turntable for removing the dust cover and placing / removing LPs.

BDI Avion Cabinet:

Hope this help!

So what turntable(s) would you recommend (new) that is $2000-$3000 and less than 7"-8" in total height?
Less than 7" high and between $2000 and $3000?
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