Low profile CC speaker that is good sounding

I have all Paradigm speakers in my home theater.  Have been upgrading them as needed or desired.  The fronts are now Studio Reference V2 and would like something comparable in sound.  Used to have Atoms V2 and the Studios were a good step up from those.  Clarity, bass and dynamics are all much better in the Studios.

Here's the catch.  I have a very nice entertainment cabinet for the electronics, TV and CC speaker.  The space for the CC has ONLY a height clearance of just under 7".  The CC would have to be less than 7", preferably 6 3/4" or less.  There is plenty of room in the other dimensions.  If you do have a recommendation, please give any sound characteristics if you know them.

Thank you,
Thanks soix.  My wife just doesn't care about the sound.  I DO!  That's most likely why she doesn't care.  If I did this, I would probably start looking for a sub replacement of equal quality for replace the Paradigm sub I bought new 18 years ago.  Man, I listened to the surround when I just had 4 Paradigm Atoms and on movies like Jeepers Creepers, I just about jumped clean off the couch on sudden dynamic sounds during the movie.  Jurassic Park already has some very good sound with what I have.  I do think she would appreciate the improved dialog with the better CC speaker.   The sound makes at least as big a difference as a really good picture, which we have.

Thanks again for the info.

15 months later

I put NPS-1260 on the speaker end of the wires along with each power cord in the system.  The contact enhancer has been on for about 6 weeks now.  More lifelike and clear sound with more distinct bass lines.  Dynamics are also improved--not as much as the big rig in the basement by any means, but better sound in most ways. Zero problems from doing this.




I found a great deal on a Paradigm Reference Studio V2 CC and had to make a platform at the top of my entertainment cabinet to put the bigger and much better speaker on.  It took the speaker out of the cabinet, but I had to angle the part the speaker sits on so it was the same as my front Paradigm Studio V2's.  The sound is very clear with no whomp caused by being in the cabinet as before.  It looks about as good as it can sitting on top of a nice cabinet, but really makes the sound on everything much better.  In fact, there is nothing to want now from the CC.  


Thanks for the advice you gave me about 2 years ago.  This speaker is a perfect match to what I already had and is now again an all Paradigm system, Including the receiver which is an Anthem 710.  Now I just need to paint the contacts with some more NPS 1260 for full effect.