Low powered & warm sounding class D amps ?

Looking for highest quality watts for average 6ohm / minimum 4 Ohm / 89dB speakers. Low standby powerconsumption for 24/7 operation is essential to me.

Any CLASS D products in the spirit of First Watt, DNM, Tom Evans,... ?

Medium power options with warm sound would be ARC DS225 or Bel Canto Ref150S and ... ?
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Linn amps use a form of class D. And they are designed for 4 ohm speakers. The majik series at 50wpc is about as low as it gets.
I have been extremely impressed by Virtue Audio amplifiers. They sell direct so their prices are quite reasonable.


I'm a Bel Canto dealer and the Ref150s is really a great little amp. If you have a chance, you should take a listen to one.