Low-Powered Tube Amp for Zu Soul MkII?

I'm totally new to tube gear, but I just got a new pair of Zu Soul Mark II speakers, and I think my old solid state integrated might need to be replaced with a tube amp. I've been reading that these high-efficiency speakers really like lower-powered tube amps, and I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with them. Here are my constraints:

I have a small room.
I'd love to get something that's made in the 'ol USA.
Preferably around or below $2K.
It would be ideal if it could fit inside our existing cabinet, which is 17.5" deep (this rules out the Cronus and maybe even the Sphinx, unless I make some huger changes).

I love the look of the Rogue Cronus and maybe the Sphinx even more, and these prices are conceivable. But one of my conditions is that I need to be able to hide all this stuff, and my cabinet's too small depth-wise for some of these bigger amps, sadly.

Thanks for any suggestions!
Fully restored integrated vintage HH Scott(22wpc) don't remember exactly the model will run in $600 range and sounds terrific and super clean. The sound and imaging is somewhat similar with headphones!
the other excellent component is mini-quicksilver
Cary SLI-80

Made in the USA
Reliable and versatile
40 Watts - Triode
80 Watts - Ultra-Linear
Around $2K used
Eastern Electric amps sound great, an 8watt mini-max is less than 1k much less two and is quite small, 40 watt EL34 less than 2K.
At times on here a mini-max will go around 500 bucks.
I'd recommend looking into a Decware amp. Gopher on this forum loved the Taboo with Zu Souls and I think that the lower powered Decwares could work well too.

Mid Mono Amplifier 40 watts, $1895/pair
Mini-Mite Mono Amplifier 25 watts, $1198/pair
Horn Mono Amplifier 15 watts, $1695/pair
Decware mini torii runs my 92db Ref 3A de Capos pretty loud.
The sound is very nice
A refurbished Dynaco ST-35 or SCA-35 would suit nicely. You may find that the extra power (~15 watts/channel) does not hurt and they are certainly compact. For your budget you could find the used Dyna and have it refurbished easily.

The SCA-35 has a phono section built in as well....
Thanks very much everyone for your suggestions, the board of domestic affairs is mulling them over. The idea of vintage gear appeals strongly to me, and I'd love to do that someday, but the prospect of another project on my hands might be out of the question (I have too many things that need a lot of tinkering to maintain already). The little Eastern Electric amp seems like it might be a solid piece too- and might be the way to go if we decide to change our handmade-in-USA-only-directive. I really dig the Decware stuff, and the Zen Triode integrated with its four inputs seems intriguing. The Quicksilver remote control integrated amp looks interesting too- anyone heard one of these?
If you haven't already, search the archived threads here. Much information available of member's actual experiences of amplifiers mated with your same speakers.
The vintage "Made In USA" amp suggestion is one that would be very attractive to me!
"I'd recommend looking into a Decware amp. Gopher on this forum loved the Taboo with Zu Souls and I think that the lower powered Decwares could work well too. "

I actually owned the Torii MK3 with the Soul Superflys and I can attest to it having been a good combination, but not until I had a very good active preamplifier in front of it (Audion Premiere) which puts it above OP's stated budget.

What I DO recommend and know is awesome with Zu Soul Superflys is the Melody MK88 integrated. Its retail is just shy of $2000 and I preferred it to the Torii/Audion and the Rogue Cro-Mag. Drop some Black Treasure power tubes in, some JAN 6SJ7s and GE five star 6ak5 tubes in there and you've got an amazing kit.
Talk to Sean or Gerrit at Zu, they've tried a bunch of amps with their speakers. I think a refurb Dynaco st70 was the top "Bang for the buck" amp pick along with the other suggestions here.
EE has the highest build quality I've seen in 40 years in Audio.
I think we might punt: get something smaller and cheaper (and maybe not made here) for now, and then move on up to something more serious and spendy later when we have more cash to do it right... Like a Cary or Melody. Eventually, maybe preamp/poweramp. I'll be watching this board for used amps, and thanks to the knowledgeable people who were kind enough to comment!
Smaller and cheaper? Try the Miniwatt N3?
There is nothing wrong with Melody. Buy an MK88, it is *not* a stop gap, but a very good integrated and better than anything I've heard from Cary, Decware or Dynaco...

If you are sane, it actually has the potential to be your last amp.
I'm listening to an Almarro 318B with my Omens right now.YUMMY. I'm waiting to hear from Hugh about the Melody MK88

I informed Zu of your interest.
Go ahead and get in touch with them.

Thanks again wise people. We've gone small and relatively frugal for the time being and bought a used Sophia Baby, which the new Souls seem to love. Super awesome. I'm not surprised that it's leaps ahead of the old Rotel integrated in every direction, but we are digging it a little more than expected. This is going to do us for a while. Will be fun to listen to things get better as the speakers/cables and some new interconnects break in.
Hi Dungan, There is a very recent thread on the Sophia Baby. A few owners here have even upgraded them and report excellent results. You may find that you end up keeping it longer than first anticipated. Great Amp!!! Enjoy!
No one ever regets a Sophia Baby, if its enough power there is no need to ever upgrade.
300B SET is the way to go, IMHO.
Schubert, I have never heard a Sophia Baby, but all owners report I've read were always glowing. Certainly there is no need. The particular thread I mentioned explains their experiences. It may be of interest to you.
I am a 300B fan (and 45) as well.
Thread title: "anybody modded a Sophia Baby Music"
Just sent it in for some upgrades... and we miss it. It's really sparkly and lovely with the Souls, and it's plenty of power with those speakers and our small space. Having some bass problems, but I think it's our room that's the culprit, as we had similar issues with the previous speakers. Someday we might step up to something some powerful, but I think that might be a long time coming. Really love this little amp.
Low power tube amps(high built quality) and high efficiency speakers is a great way to go for excellent sound.Tend to be more natural and less hifi sound.
I have a George Wright 2a3 tube mono amps for sale right now that will fit your budget. 13 watts of push-pull. Sounds incredible.
Try Will Vincent- He makes gorgeous 45 tube push pull amps from Dynaco chassis. Around 10 watts/side. Really sweet, glorious sound. I use one to drive a Tekton single Fostek speaker. He is in your budget.
Thanks Bobheinatz, I'd not heard of Wright before. His stuff looks intriguing for sure. It's now on our list for an eventual, possible upgrade from the Sophia... but I think we are going to keep the Baby amp for a while!
Sophia Baby amp is one of the better bargains in audio. Beautifully voiced!
Another great amp is the AES Super Amp. Easily modified.
That amp already had the $200 cap upgrade. I'm curious, what other upgrades are you having done? Bass shouldn't be a problem, you're probably right about the speakers. Keep working with placement. Initially, it powered 90db 3-ways down to 32hz. Then 95db single driver speakers with a sub driven in parallel. Happy listening.
Don't throw the Baby out with the bath water!!!
Hi Mt10425,

I'm getting the RCA's changed out. I think the bass problems are due to the room, which is an L shape, and it's also the living room, which means speaker placement is not very variable. Have had some good results from changing the angle and changing the gap between floor and bass ports. In any case, there's plenty of bass in most of the room, the big exception being when you sit down where the sweet spot ought to be. Anywhere more or less at driver level and removed from speakers lacks low end pretty dramatically. But elsewhere in the room, including standing up closer to speakers, is nice and heavy. I guess we could add a sub, but I'm a little concerned about over-bassing everywhere but the listening position.