Low power tubes/High impedence speakers

Do we all lust for power? When do you tire of being BLOWN AWAY by music? I am interested not in being accosted by sound, but being drawn into a soundscape on a spiritual level. With simple, low power amps, and speakers with stable impedences at or above 8 ohms, this type of magic begins to happen. This "magic", is not limited to SET amps, but they do tend to accentuate such a spiritual experience. I know we are all built differently, and all want different things from our audio systems, but when will all this big cheap power thing grind to a halt? When everyone becomes bored and dissatisfied with the quality of reproduced sound in their homes, I think. No wonder people who are thinking about an audio hobby are so turned off. It's expensive when you are made to belive that you have to GO BIG. Expensive to our hobby in that potential supporters are being tuned away. Is anyone interested in picking this ball up and taking it for a run? If so let's do it now before the music that we are supposed to be holding as the key to our human souls is finally wrenched from our hands.
Ok,I got the ball.I will need some blocking.Is this a 4th and one? So I gather you think power corrupts? No one system will be all things to all;and no system will sound exactly like live music.I guess therein is the problem. All is a placebo.The truly unattainable.I'ts just whatever you think sounds good, tempered with what you can afford. I presume you're just playing devil's advocate? People with our type of longing will continue toward the unattainable.I think there are two separate things going on for most of us.One is the love of the music.As an example;you love a piece of music,even if it is being played on a boom box, at work,or on your car radio; you don't want to turn it off till it finishes. OR;the other part of our hobby,(the complex part)Boy,that sounds so much better than before I bought that $10,000 tweak(which probably has more power/increased dynamics deeper soundstage,etc).I've been to peoples houses,where they may have 500 records,or that many cd's;and VERY low quality re play equiptment (20 year old stuff/or newer Radio Shack stuff)I have a friend with Krell, Theta, Mirage,and I honestly don't think he has a favorite group.He just randomly buys cd's.Well-two different prospectives,indeed. I,m afflicted with the love of the music,and the quest for better/more etc. Whatta ya think;no gain on that carry?
After I posted my first topic, I got to thinking (dangerous teritory), and decided that some refinement of purpose was in order. I'm thrilled that anyone actully responded to my soapbox ramblings. It is nice to know that I am not alone in a quest to connect to the music in a "better/more" kind of way as long as we are talking about an emotional or metaphysical connection, not just visceral fireworks. It is possible to achieve Better and More in our hobby through simplification. So many are in thrall with the numbers and complexities of the tools of our hobby, that they cannot see the the musical forest that is our "unattainable end" for the trees of equiptment based nonsense. Let us clear a pathway in our minds so that we treat the "means" of our hobby as such and nothing else. The "ends" will be so much sweeter that way. The simpler we make every facet of our systems the more musical involvment we will be afforded. The more involvment we achieve the less time we will spend being distracted from the very thing that got us involved in audio in the first place...THE MUSIC. Some people will alway obssess over equiptment, pity to them. I on the other hand will spend my time fogetting about the tools we require and melt away into where ever it is the music wants to take me.