Low Power Krell for magnepan MGIIIa

I have a pair of Magnepan MGIIIa and am thinking of upgrading my amp from B&K ST202(200w @8ohm). I've seen some of the old Krells or Levinsons particularly the KSA 80. Is 80 watts(160 @ 4ohms) enough for these speakers? I blow the fuses all the time on the ST202's. I know power does not mean anything for these amps, but then why doesn't everybody just get the smallest Krells.
I am driving a Pair of MGIIIa's with a Krell KSA-100s. When I switched to the Krell, It made a significant difference.
The KSA-80 will be the most powerful 80 wpc you ever heard. It will sound more powerful then many 200wpc amps due to it's hugh powersupply and ability to handle dynamics so well. It will suffer though in the mids and high's compared to many newer amps. You might want to consider a Bryston 3 0r 4 B ST.