Low Power 300b Integrated VS. Higher Power Int.

I am going through a downsize in my system. Space and budget concerns. I want to put a system together that is not crazy on the budget but still sounds as good as possible.

I have never had a low power 300b amp and I have noticed that there are several integrated options. I am concerned about the power limitations because I listen to guitar based rock. However, I have heard that with the right speakers many of these low power amps sound very big.

Can some of you guys give me some insight into the big sound differences between say a Manley Stingray or the Conrad Johnson 45way integrated (cav-50 i think) compared to the likes of the Jolida 300b integrated or the Melody?

Any advice on speaker selection would be good to. I am eyeballing the Triangle Celius.

I am using a Jolida 300b with a pair of Tyler Acoustics PD30's(101db) and a pair of Horn Shoppe Horns(97db) and I think the 300b sounds pretty damn good. My favorite types of music is hard rock and blues and the 300b does a good job with the speakers I am using,keep in mind that the PD30's and the Horns are very easy to drive with the PD30's having a simple crossover and the Horns do not have a crossover. I also have heard the Cayin 300b and that also worked very well.