low phono output, high c/d output-what gives?

I recently purchased a NAD integrated amp and a NAD pp2 phono pre amp. I have my Sota hooked up to it with a Ortofon 2M Bronze-moving magnet. I have the PP2 switched to mm. When listening to vinyl the volume knob is at the 10:30 position which seems approporiate. However, when I switch to a c/d, there is so much more gain its crazy-the volume knob needs to be at 8:30 position. Im worried about accidently switching from phono to c/d and damaging my speakers. Shouldnt the volume levels be about equal when switching b/t phono and c/d??? Is there a problem with my intergrated amp? Thanks.
it's normal, many cd players just have high output levels. some recievers have gain which is adjustable for each input to address this issue.
Easy fix you need to put in line attenuators between your cd player and amp parts express sells Harrison attenuators
they come with different levels try the 12db ones if that is too much exchange them for the 6db ones,this should match your levels between phono and cd.
Good Luck
Every tuner i have hooked to my int amp has much higher output than my CD and Phono which are about equal. This includes a digital HK tuner and a tube Mcintosh.
Good tip. I will give them a try. thanks.