low-output moving coil suitable for Lehmann Cube?

I'm wondering whether a low-output moving coil cartridge is suitable for the Lehmann Black Cube SE phono preamp or should I buy a high output moving coil or a moving magnet cartridge? Thanks
I use a Denon DL-103D MC cartridge with a Black Cube
and it's an excellent combination.
I use a Denon 301 Mk. II (0.4 mv) with a standard Black Cube and works fine. In it's MC stage, you get 61 DB gain. For that figure, stick to carts at 0.26 or better (no lower than the Dynavector 17D).

I am going to upgrade the power cord and have some IXOS interconnect comming to replace my Rat Shack wiring.

For the maximum effect, find a interconnect that removes background noise to use with the Black Cube. It's a marvel of magic in the MM stage, but still can be quite a treat in the MC stage.....if the MC is a good one (e.g.-Denon, Lyra, Dyavector, Shelter).

Jvogt: What's you thoughts on the 103D? I'm contemplating that move. I currently have a 301 II.

Marty Nickison