Low output from Adcom GCD-575

Hi All,
I recently acquired an Adcom GCD-575 cd player for free.
The output volume is extremely low from both the fixed and variable outputs. Has anyone had a similar experience and maybe know what the cause could be? I would like to use it in a bedroom system and don't want to put much into fixing it. Any suggestions?
When you get this GCD-575 repaired, use it for your Main Audio Source in your system. With only a Very few inexpensive mods, you will need audio papmpers!! LOL
Now if you have weak sound Both sides, that sounds like loss of B+ to the Op Amps. They are two 8 pin dip chips near the back of the main board towards the fixed and variable RCA females and to the left(from the front of the player) of the DAC. Measure the power supply voltages, and tell me what you found. My E-mail is davi_rake at yahoo dot com. Good luck