low output cartridge minimizes noisefloor?

I am using a technics direct drive SL5g with standard tonearm and benz micro cartridge low output. I need to use a low output cartridge with my dartzeel preamp and had a tt dealer put in cartridge so am confident its properly aligned.

I am new to analog but have heard that the benz cartridges are not the best at minimizing noise so while I enjoy the sound, I was also wondering if perhaps the dynavector or some other cartridge would be a better bet to minimize noise floor...yes I clean the lps.


Dear Mike: I don't know what you mean with noise floor, if you are talking on LP's clicks/pops then the output cartridge level is not the subject/issue but if you are talking of noise floor coming from your analog rig then a high output cartridge ( normaly ) contribute to lower noise floor than a low output one.

Regards and enjoy the music.