Low/Mid price cartridge for Origin Live Conqueror 12"

At moment i hear to 95% with SME V and VdH Frog. So i am searching for a MM/Mi system for the OL arm. I will use it for background music. The OL has about 18gramm weight und the wiring has about 300pF capacitiy.

Has anyone an idea? I would like to try the Ortofon 2M Black, but the compliance is maybe to high.
Of the other part, the Frog sounded very great on the Jelco 750D.

A MC is also a opportunity. My DV XX2MK sounded very well and warm on the OL, but for background musik the system is to expensive.
Ortofon M20FL (Fine Line Stylus) would be great and will put new Ortofon 2M to shame. Just stay off the modern MM cartridges, if you want to spend less to get much much better performance look for top vintage MMs. If you’re lucky you can find NOS Ortofon M20FL for resonable price (under $200 is a bargain). The effective mass of my reed 3p tonearm is 18g and Garrott P77 wokrs great along with JVC X1II or Audio-Technica AT-ML150 occ, but those mid compliance MM cartridges are more expensive.
I had bougt a Micro Seiki BL91 with MA505 and M20FL. The cartridge sounded good, but had often problems with distortion in the treble.

I think about an AT-F7.

For MM´s is probably the capacity of my tonearm cable to high.
Strange, i’ve never had any problems with ortofon M20FL, but it was like new.
You can read so many feedbacks about this or any other cartridges i have mentioned above right here on audiogon. Why not just replace the cable for low capacitance? If your budged is about $200-300 then it’s much better to look for decent vintage MM cartridge, it will be nearly impossible to find any good MC in this budged.
The wiring is very special an good sounding. Copper/Silver combination. Not cheap...
chakster, have you tried the M20E? As much as I love the 20FL I much prefer the E, just beautiful.
@smctigue1 no, but i remember Raul also prefered the Elliptical for some reason. Anyway, my favorite MM cartridges are far away from elliptical, they are Stereohedron (Stanton SC100 WOS), Shibata (JVC x1 and x1II), Line Contact (AT-ML 170 and 180), also Grace F-9F, Garrott p77, Grado XTZ and Glanz 61 with their own advanced stylus profiles, except maybe Pioneer PC-1000 mkII which is elliptical (beryllium cantilever) and truly amazing.

My Ortofon M20FL was silver body version with tall stylus, there is also gold body version with short stylus.