low mass tone arm suggestion sub $1k used

I’m adding another tone arm to my Garrard table. looking for a low mass arm 9" or 10", preferably with out the wires going through the bottom of the arm mount but not critical. I’d like to spend less then $1k used (I may stretch that for a quality used-new arm if a great deal lets say max $2k). This is not for supper critical listening I just want a low mass option for random low mass carts, I may run my older VDH MC 10 on it for example. I have a 12" Jelco 750L as my main arm but I don’t think the Jelco arms are particularly light enough for the low mass carts out there. So any suggestions used or new for that matter would be appreciated.
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@glennewdick- Someone may wish they could sell a Maggie arm for three grand. That would be a 1000% mark-up, from their price in 1980.  I’ve got a spare, that I’d love to sell for one third that. The most I’ve seen them bring(on eBay), with all the accessories and box, was around $500.
BTW if you will find an interview with Van Den Hul you will realize that Technics EPA series is his favorite. I think it can be the best for your needs for $1200-1500 (EPA-100 or EPA-500,250)  ? 
Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. time to start looking into them.

I’ve thought about the new Jelco (They do look nice and here in Canada almost $3k) but its still too heavy for the MC 10 or simular, i’ve actually tried the cart on my 750L it works (barely with a light head shell and max damping), sort of defiantly not an ideal or happy match the carts suspension just isn’t up to the task of those heavy arms. I have room for one 12" right side and a 9" or 10" on the back (If the mount was not a huge hole I could fit another 12"). Unfortunate an arm pod would not really work unless I did some major rework of my plinth, the thought has crossed my mind though.

Should also note the MC 10 is a fine cart but its been rebuild once already (By VDH) and probably due again soon so its not the deciding factor in the low mass arm decision just be nice if I could use it there as I will probably get it re-tiped again. reason I’d like to have a removable head shell, but not necessary. Note my MC 10 is one of the originals silver bodied 0.25mv output so much lower output then the current model.

All the years playing records I’ve only ever had 4 or 5 tables and only three arms, longest time wise was a highly modded Rega RB 600 that was on an oracle Delphi ( multiple Mk1’s and a Mk4) sold the Rega with the last Oracle then built the Garrard 301 and put the Jelco on it to get started. think it was an older Denon wood plinth, then a rega planar 3 glass, and multiple oracles for 15 years lol I got stuck on them for a long time still love them but they don’t have what the Garrard has, other then maybe a bit lower noise floor. I like to say the oracle makes you melt in your chair the Garrard makes you get up and dance. I like to dance. ;-)

thanks chakster i’ll have a look for that, another one he did was a two part on you tube were he assembles a cart all filmed through his microscope very interesting.

Glen Newdick