low mass tone arm suggestion sub $1k used

I’m adding another tone arm to my Garrard table. looking for a low mass arm 9" or 10", preferably with out the wires going through the bottom of the arm mount but not critical. I’d like to spend less then $1k used (I may stretch that for a quality used-new arm if a great deal lets say max $2k). This is not for supper critical listening I just want a low mass option for random low mass carts, I may run my older VDH MC 10 on it for example. I have a 12" Jelco 750L as my main arm but I don’t think the Jelco arms are particularly light enough for the low mass carts out there. So any suggestions used or new for that matter would be appreciated.
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We had a Grace 707 on a Thorens 160 and a Garrard 301. It is a fine sounding arm despite the somewhat flimsy build. Used it with a Linn K9.

Technics EPA-100
Denon DA-401
Luxman TA-1
Victor UA-7045
Sme series 3 but get it rewired with a continuous run eliminating all those joints. 
ADC LMF-2. About the same as an Infinity Black Widow with a removable headshell.