Low Mass Arm and Mono Cartridge

My turntable uses a Signet XK50 tone arm. This arm has interchangeable wands, so I thought it would be great to get a mono cartridge and mount it on one of the wands. This way I'd be be able to go back and forth from stereo to mono in just a minute or so, with only a re-balancing needed.

The problem is that this is an arm with a low effective mass. I don't know the exact figure, but it is less than 10 grams. As a result, a lot of cartridges don't work well with it. Shure V15- cartridges are OK, for example, but Grados are not (requiring an arm with effective mass of 12-17 grams).

I see that Benz in now making some of their cartridges available in mono form, and a new Dorian mono is on the way. Perhaps other things are on the way. But will any of them be compatible with this low mass arm?
Think the Denon 102 is also relatively low compliance (not sure of the spec), but is a pretty good deal at about $150.