Low level Tuner Signal Bleed Through?

OK Guys, need some help with some strange happenings. I'm using a MD102 Dynalab with the ST-2 antenna (Exterior mounted) through a Pass X1 via Tara "The One" balanced cables and Floating Ground station.

When the Tuner power is switched to the off position, I still get a low level signal coming across my system, if the pre's input's are set to the tuner. It's not evident, unless I turn the gain up about 20db, but it's quite clear at that point and brings in whatever station I'm tuned in to.

Also puzzling and perhaps unrelated, switching the MD102's Antenna switch from "Ant. #1" to "Ant. #2" does not effect the signal very much at all whether power is on or off.

Now... I was also hit by multiple power outages and "brownouts" about a week ago and my pre is always on. I honestly don't know if I had the tuner phenomenom before that, but I'm also wondering if I fried something. I should note that no lighting was involved so I know my antenna was not hit.

Do I have a tuner or pre-problem? Or is something else at work here? (Maybe the floating ground on my cable, or lack of shielding somewhere?

Heeeeelp. (Especially if you have a MD102, X1, or both.)
You should call Magnum to confirm, but I'm not sure that you really have a problem. The 'off' switch may not mean that the unit is off as much as the output stage is muted. I had a 101A and noticed this and now have a 102 but haven't bothered to check. Check with Magnum.
I have a MD102 and have the same thing happening. Power off to the tuner, but the tuner input on in the pre signal path. I thought that I heard Dire Straits coming out of the speakers! So I'm not crazy after all.
Where do you live? I grew up in Massachusetts and there was a problem with a certain station that for whatever reason bled through on almost all FM radios whether car, home, hifi. It was WFCR if memory serves. It could be heard whenever the tuner was in a position with no signal or when you tried to listen to a far away station. The problem still exists to this day. Maybe someone at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could explain why.
Thanks Guys. I spoke with Magnum Dynalab today, and sure enough, they believe there is a problem. They did state that there should not be any out put with the unit off, and in fact performed a test on one of their own units while I was on the phone to double check. (Great service and access, I must say.)

There is presumeably an IC component in the output circuitry that is designed to shutdown signal completely when the power is off. They're not sure if mine went bad and have asked me to send the unit in.

Mrderrick: Maybe you have the same problem.

Sugarbrie: I'm out West, but used to be from MASS. I know that station. It causes havoc.

Thanks gang. I'd be currious if anyone else is experiencing this. Could we be onto an inherent MD component problem? Or did something fry my unit? "Tune in" to find out. (Couldn't resist.)