Low level phono cables for rel s3 subs

Unfortunately, I might have to connect my rel s3 subs using the low level circuit ( phono cables RCA/RCA, 8ft)
My question is, how important are these cables. I am currently using Analysis Plus Neutrik SpeakOn cables...They seem to be a great bang for the buck...The potential cost of running 8ft ICs to each sub could be great.
Any thoughts or ideas on the importance of these cables. Do subs care?
Subs don't care. Why only last night I said hey look I got these new interconnects if you want em now's the time speak up or away they go! Subs gave me the silent treatment. Pretty sure they heard me so there's your answer.

Not good enough? I've got five subs, 4 run off 2 Dayton amps, plus one powered. I have over the years run them every which way- line level, speaker level, several different interconnects, different wires, etc. I am definitely in the camp of everything matters and that most definitely includes speaker cables. Except that, when it comes to subs, none of this matters very much at all. Maybe if you are obsessed with some certain something you might notice. I am pretty damn picky and it just never made any difference. I had really good interconnects in my old cables drawer, tried them out, am now using the cheapest crappiest one of all.


Curious why you say "unfortunately"? You do know there is zero difference between connecting them speaker level vs line? Also curious why you lump phono in with line level? At least I think that is what you are doing. Phono is millivolts, only applies to from the cartridge to the phono stage. Line level is around 3V, applies to all line level including the phono level AFTER the phono stage, plus all DAC, CD, VCR, tape deck, etc etc etc. Speaker level is anywhere from millivolts to many tens or even potentially hundreds of volts.