Low level crackling sound coming from speakers

I have a low level crackling sound coming out of speakers. The sound is very low level but is noticeable. It does not go up as the volume is increased, if it does it is very little. The sound can also be heard through my headphones through the amps headphone jack. I unplugged everything and tried other outlets. It was in both speakers so I ruled out cables first. It is also consistent among input sources, so interconnects have been ruled out. I checked the headphones today and the sound is the same as with the speakers. I am assuming it is a capacitor inside the amp somewhere possibly in the preamp stage that might need to replaced. What does everyone else think?

Gear list
Creek Evolution Amp
Schiit Modi2 Uber Dac
Audioquest Dragonfly Gen 1
Sony PS1
Project Xpression III
V-LPS phono Pre
EPOS Epic 2 Speakers
Grado Sr60 Cans
MIT Cables
Decibel app
Tidal HIFI

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Yup - your amp - something is breaking down to ground - probably a cap.
I am assuming that you have a Creek integrated amp?  The website seems to indicate that the headphone jack has its own amplifier, so I'd think the preamp part of the integrated is probably where the problem lies.  Don't know what the cause would be, though, you might need a tech for that..
I'd contact Creek and see what they propose.
I would guess a loose/broken solder joint on a component somewhere near the heat sinks. 

      gs5556 could be right,  a crackling sound is usually a good indicator of either a loose or broken solder joint or that the volume pot stem needs cleaning (from dust, smoke, etc.) with a contact cleaner like Deoxit.  
" Faulty capacitor."

     It's been my experience that when capacitors go bad, they typically do so completely and do not go slowly like a bad solder joint or build ups of deposits on pot stems.  They usually don't give a warning sign like a crackling sound.  Depending on the cap's function, your first sign is one or more channels going completely out.

I  don't think it is the pot stem since when I move the volume up or down the noise is not affected by the movement. It stays constant and is in both channels. The only way I can here it is if I but my head right up to the speaker. When I am in my chair I cant here over overall room noise but now I know it is there and it drives me crazy. I am going to email Mike today. Most likely he will say take it into the shop.

     Probably best to have an electronics expert diagnose the issue.and fix it.  Please report back on what's determined.

Time to upgrade they are crapping out soon!!
Capacitors do weaken slowly and the OP's description is quite typical.