Low-end Question

Setting up a little HT in my daughter's room. Have a small LCD TV with stereo speakers built-in, and an all-in-one HT/DVD to use for source.

Here's the rub - I don't have enough room to do the full 5.1 speaker thing, so I'd like to use the TV's built-in speakers. A few issues/questions:

1. Will stereo w/o sub or center still provide a reasonably ok experience? Don't need anything fancy, but also don't want sounds from the movies to be "missing".

2. the HT receiver has built-in speaker outputs (the cheapy spring-clip type, for L/C/R,Sub,RL,RR), but no L/R channel (RCA-type) audio outputs I can connect to the audio inputs on the TV. Is there any way to connect these two beasts?

The TV should feed the HT receiver, not the other way around. Do this. Use the TV speakers. Get a subwoofer. Tune it higher (frequency) than you normally would (probably as high as it will go), and put it reasonably close to the plane of the speakers n the TV. (Not up against it, just close).

You'll compensate for the lack of bass in your TV speakers.

It isn't ideal, but you can always build out from there.

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Bob Wood
Bob, what are you talking about? How is the TV supposed to feed the receiver when he's using the receiver as the source? Jon, if you want to use the TV's speakers it looks like you'll need a regular DVD player w/ RCA outs. DVD players go for as little as $30, so that's the simple/cheap route.

Otherwise get a pair of bookshelf speakers or a mini-monitor/powered sub combo that you can hook up to the all in one player. Pretty much anything you buy should be able to trounce the speakers that are built into the LCD screen.

You won't really miss too much info if you configure the all-in-one to stereo rather then 5.1 surround. Then it will read the 2.0 soundtrack on the DVD rather then the full one.
Onkyo's Integra Home Theater makes a DVD HT Receiver. Has progressive scan DVD and a 5.1 receiver in a very compact case. Model is DSR-7.3 Used ones appear on eBay.

Based on your description, it does not appear you can connect directly from the receiver out to the TV speakers. Your options would be to then just go straight from the HT/DVD tape out into the TV line in, bybassing really the HT component of the HT/DVD combo. The sound will be thin basic TV sound, not so exciting for movies.
Why not simply get a pair of bookshelfs with decent size woffer (6/12 inch) and place them at equal lengths from the TV.. that way its still simple, but with fuller sound.
I shouldn't try to post right before bed.

I agree with Perkadin above, you should get two small speakers for L&R and feed from receiver. Add Sub if you can, tune as I wrote.

Sorry for the mad cow.

Bob Wood
Thanks guys.

The HT receiver came with some speakers (5.1 set) I can use; was just trying to avoid them due to space constraints, but it sounds like that's not an option.

I don't think there's any audio/tape/aux out on the HT system; it's a very simple system (Samsung HT-DM150), but will meet my needs for this simple setup - it actually sounds reasonably decent and puts out progressive scan DVD which looks decent on the LCD TV.

In any case I'm sure the speakers will sound better than the TV's built-ins, so seems like that's a good route, even if I don't connect the center or rears.

Thanks again!
(btw - I did consider just getting a simple DVD player with RCA stereo outs, but I already have this one so want to put it to use)
DON't DO IT!!!

Put together a simple, 2 channel audio system. Don't use your TV's speakers!

For around $300 you can buy a pair of GREAT sounding speakers, look into Ascend and Axiom. These will sound 1000% better than what your TV is capable of.
A bit off the thread, but the Yamaha single box solution (YSP series) might be a great solution here. You can check the YSP threads for more info on them. In a bedroom, the sound is pretty ok and little space is required. Other single box solutions are also available.