Low-end match for JBL 2441 horns

Hello guys n' gals. Can anyone give me some insight on what JBL bass drivers to mate with my 2441 compression drivers. They are equipped with 2309 horns and Hartsfield style lenses. I already have a pair of 2205a 15" drivers. I don't want to build the enclosures until I find the optimal assembly. Would they be more suited to dual 15" enclosures? The 2441's are very efficient at 118db. Thank you in advance
Did you try the JBL Lansing Heritage site's forum. I would imagine that many of the people there have experience with that compression driver its horns and the lens.
Hi Csontos,

I'm using that driver now with edgarhorn 500 Hz tractrix. I am using a 15" EV driver in the edgarhorn titan II mid-bass 80Hz horn. I use Bruce's 35 Hz bass horn with a jbl 18" driver. Mechan's recommendation is right on. Also, ask over at AudioAsylum in the Hi-efficiency forum.
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