Low cost WiFi streamer : Google Chromcast Audio v/s Audioengine B1

I have been using Google Chromcast Audio ( $35-40) for past  few months, using optical cable to take digital signal out  and  input into my external DAC ( Bryston BDA-1) , then Analog signal to Preamp and Amp and to my floor standing speakers. 
I am thinking to buy  Audioengine B1 ( $189)  and replace it in place of Chromcast Audio :
My question is : Will I get any improvement in sound quality ( comapred to Chromcast Audio ) ? Or any other benifits I get ?
I am tempted to buy it but  before that I want some feedback and suggestions from FMs here.

According to the specs, its a Bluetooth device not a WiFi streamer. But that aside, my guess is it'll sound just about the same as CC Audio (using an external DAC) depending on your home WiFi performance. 
Thanks kalali.
Yes , I should have said "Bluetooth streamer" . WiFi speed , quality , reliability are good at my home. No issue there. 
If same quality sound using external DAC , I will forget about buying Audioengine B1 , and just continue to stay with my CC Audio.
Thanks for your views . 
I have used the B1 for years and it works great and sounds very good. I stream from my IPad to the B1 to Yggdrasil to Sim 700i. I also use a basic optical cable, the B1’s own dac is pretty good, but nothing like the Yggy. My audiophile friends are surprised how well the B1 passes on data to the Yggy. I have not used Chromecast Audio.