Low Cost Turntable

A vintage AR turntable I have is considered beyond repair, so I'm considering a Music Hall 2.2 MMF, Rega P2, Technics SL-1200, or Thorens TD-170. I bought a Shure M97XE cartridge to replace the V-15 II in the AR before I learned of the problem with the AR. I'm obviously not a vinyl guy, but do think turntables make nice toys. Any reason to choose one of the contenders over the other? Advice?

I will be using the turntable with a Channel Island Audio phono stage and power supply, a Proceed PAV and Amp 2, and a pair of KEF 104/2s. A Sony DVP-S9000ES does CD/SACD duty.


I would personally choose the Rega. But they're all good machines. The Rega has a better tonearm than the MMF or Technics. Also, the MMF might come with a cartridge already mounted. If you already have a cartridge, you might not want to pay for another.
The Thorens plays 78's. It might be the only one on your list that does. If that's worth anything to you.

I would also recommend the Rega. It's a good simple table with a lot of options for inexpensive future upgrades. But I'm sure you'd also be happy with the base model. As a former Music Hall MMF-5 owner, I think the Rega arm is the dealbreaker.
If I was you, I'd scoop up the Denon 37F that's on Audiogon right now for $200 - you'll not do better for the money...