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I am putting together a decent audio system for my daughter (25). She lives in a small apt. is working hard and has no dough. I have very high end and haven't really investigated reasonably priced equipment. I am upgrading a bedroom system with the Lexicon RV5 and giving her a nice Rotel integrated surround system. I got her a Panasonic 42" plasma and am looking for decent speakers for the surround. I am giving her a nice M & K sub that will work in the space. Help. What are you thoughts on the speakers?
My "go-to" monitor recommendation for little money is the Energy RC-10! On sale at Audio Advisor for $333 plus shipping for the pair! MSRP was (is for black!) $600.

Check out the SoundStage review.

I've tried a boatload of monitors, new and used in the <$500 range - the RC-10 is the keeper.

Your daughter will love their aesthetics, too : )
Check out this *killer* deal going on at Emotiva, Black Friday only:


I have dealt with these guys before and they have exceptional customer service. Their products are, across the board, an excellent bang-for-the-buck. The $799 package (incl. shipping!!) is right up your alley, and your daughter will be thrilled with the sound quality...

Thanks guys I'll check it out. Anyone else have ideas throw in here. This is my daughters first decent system. When she was young she had cheaper than cheap. Young adult needs to start appreciating decent sound.
Silly as it may be, I like my old Ohm Walsh 3's as rear channel speakers...
Krk Systems.Check out the discontinued stuff......
Acoustic Energy One was listed here from dealer for $149. That is a beautiful cheap monitor. Does vocals/piano very well.
There is a set of six Monitor 90 speakers for auction on Ebay. Extremely good, extremely small and extemely cheap.
psb alphas
If you haven't pulled the trigger yet, NewEgg has a smokin' deal on some Polk Monitors:

You could put together a very credible 5.1 system for well under $800 delivered...

Good Luck!

Thanks to everyone. I ended up getting the psb Alphaa. Great sound for the buck.