low cost but good soundi optical to coax converter

I have looked into the Monarchy, and may get one, but it is a bit more than I need and a bit more than I a want to spend.

I want to send my AppleTv's optical out to my DAC's coax input.

Does anyone know of a simple optical to coax converter that sounds good?


I bought one from Parts Express. Cost about $20 dollars.
Doesn't the DAC have an optical input? If so, I'd stick with that and get a good optical cable.
Theta TLC
should be able to be had used for $120 or so.
Here's one for $60:


I have no particular familiarity with it, but fwiw I believe M-Audio makes pro and studio oriented products.

-- Al
Monarchy DIP, older Meridian pre/pro
Bel Canto makes one. I believe it was well reviewed recently in one of the rags.
thanks all
I bought an inexpensive one from monoprice, it functions but it degrades the sound a lot. Steer clear.