Low compliance cartridges

Would appreciate suggestions for moving magnet low compliance cartridges within a price range of $500.00 to $1000.00. Cartridge will be used in a Origin Live OLMK2 tonearm with TWL mod. Thanks for your help.
How is your system gain? Denon 103R (.25 mV) comes to mind although whether the actual compliance is really as low as advertised seems to be debatable. Perhaps a Shelter 501? I think TWL develped his amazing tweak while using one of these cartridges.

Check out www.cartridgedb.com
Dan_Ed asked a good question. Few MM cartridges sell for $500-$1,000 and even fewer are low compliance.

What phono stage are you using? This isn't quite adding up.
Thanks for responses. I am using a Macintosh 4300V receiver which has a good phono stage. Currently using a Clearaudio Aurum Beta Virtuoso Wood or the Aurum Beta S moving magnet cartridges which I believe have a MSRP of about $500.00/$800.00. My tonearm has the TWL tweek and TWL advises that the tweek gets the best results with low to mid compliance cartridges.

Don't get me wrong - the sound is very very good. However, I am not sure about the compliance of the Clearaudio cartridges and just wondered what else might be compatible.
FWIW, TT is Nottingham Horizon SE. Thanks to all.
I believe both of your cartridges are high-ouput MM, which does make sense given that Macintosh usually has a MM phono stage. This means that many of the MC cartridges are probably not going to work for you without the addition of step-up transformers. I don't know Mac gear well enough to know if they offer a MC phono stage.

I wouldn't worry too much about trying to get the low compliance as much as perhaps looking to add some gain to your phono stage if you are wanting to try MC cartridges. (Your cartridges are around 15 so that should qualify as medium compliance.)
Hi Dan_ed - Sorry if my initial thread was unclear. However, I am not looking for a moving coil cartridge. I wanted suggestions for low compliance moving magnet cartridges within a price range of $500.00/$1000.00. As you point out, my current Clearaudio cartridges are medium compliance. Quite simply put - are there any low compliance moving magnet cartridges available in the price range of $500/1000.00? The Mcintosh phono stage is designed for MM cartridges. Didn't mean to make this so difficult. Tks/Rgs.
Yes, I applogize. Monday morning fog brain here. I overlooked the fact that you're looking for MM.
Dear Wepratt: I don't know any MM cartridge at any price with low compliance figure.

+++++ " best results with low to mid compliance ... " +++++

Your MM cartridges meet this statement: are medium compliance, so you are on target.

Regards and enjoy the music.
not sure of the compliance figure, but perhaps the audio technica 150mlx will work? i think the linn adikt could be a non ultra high compliance cart. my personal recommendation would be a Garrott Optima series cart (at least i think thats the series) available at needle doctor. extremely musical and should match well with the mac sound. compliance not too high for MM either ( i think like 15 or 18)...
I don't know of any low compliance MM cartridges, but I can tell you that the OL Silver with the TWL mod will work with cartridges up to 15cu rating, and that should provide some selection guidelines for you.