Low capacitance interconnect??

G'day guys,

Well I'm looking for a couple of RCA interconnects to pair with my new Placette Passive pre. The general recommendation is for very low capacitance cables. I am currently borrowing Nordost Red Dawn cables which are very low, however I'm wondering what are the other options available. Apparatny the anti-cables IC's have a low Cap as well.

Any recommendations?
Empirical Audio Holographics. They post their capacitance info on there website.
Harmonic Technology - single crystal copper ensures low capacitance.
Cardas Golden reference are very low.
Stevecham - the metallurgy has nothing to do with the capacitance. This is set by the wire-to-wire spacing and the insulators. Anything lower than 3.8pF/foot?

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I should have added my budget is around the $300US mark.
Try any of the Neotech brand of cables, they are mostly low capacitance and compare in performance to cables costing way more. I favor them over the Harmonix Golden Reference IC's I have demoed in my system.

Do it by yourself with Aircom plus coax and Eichmann bullet rca plug.
Shorter possible it's better!
Go on!
Audience also claims low capacitance.
Acoustic zen absolute. 6.1 pico farads/foot
Signal Cable Analog II may be a little higher than some(17.3pf/ft), but are very affordable.