low bass response

My system, which is shown on my profile, does not seem to produce the low bass I would expect it to.  I listen near field, and my room is 13'x30'x9'....in your experience, is this most likely due to my room and near field position?


IMO it's your room size, not your furniture nor your amp/speakers. Bass frequencies are "long" and need physical distance to travel without piling up and stacking up in a room. Your room is too small for the speakers you have. Treating the room won't work I don't think- you need a larger space. I own the same amp btw and it produces plenty of bottom end and has driven Focal 1038BE, Focal Sopra 2, Harbeth 30.2, Harbeth HLS5 Super and is currently driving Wilson Sabrina in a 13 x 22 sonically "tight" dedicated listening room. I think you need a larger room, or smaller speakers and ideally you'd need to get further back from the speakers.

So...I miss read your room dimensions ! I'd sit 2/3 of the way back from the speakers and if that doesn't help then I'd add a JL f113v2. I did about three months ago along with their CR1 crossover. You can dial in the set up in very very fine and flexible increments. Additionally Roon's DSP EQ is excellent and very flexible. You can simply roll up the 3050 hz region a few db leaving everything else untouched and see if it helps. And- it's about $8k cheaper than the JL sub and CR1.

H ijw944ts,   I have Salon 2's and love them.  My room is not perfect either.  In spite of the Salon's bass extension, my big room needed more air pressure for the low bass.  I added two REL Carbon Specials.  They completely cary the very low end, with their crossover very low and their volume very low.  I use the high level inputs recommended by REL.  Soundstage and imaging improved greatly, and without booming I can still feel the low bass in my chest.  I run the Revel's full spectrum with no crossovers. I don't think tucked beside your Salon's would be ideal location...maybe on the sides pointed at an angle.  The sub locations make a big difference to avoid them from booming or loading up in a corner.  By the way, have you played with the two dials on the bottom rear of the Salon 2's?  One is a boundary switch, compensating for closeness to the back wall.  the other is a frequency extension or roll off of the highs.  They make a difference.   I also use Audionet amplification and it is amazing for clarity, speed , slam and resolution without fatigue.  Ken

The answer to great low bass is a good sub woofer.  When I added a pair of REL subs to my Theil 3.7s, it made a big difference not only in base response but also increasing the sound stage width and depth.  The RELs disappear.  If you didn't see them, you wouldn't know they were there.  Two REL S/5s or better will definitely do the trick.