low bass on Audio Research LS27

I had an LS26 for awhile. It had a magical midrange and lovely open highs, but for me the low bass was not weighty or extended enough (actually it was pretty anemic for my -3db at 28Hz speakers). I replaced the LS26 with a Krell KCT SS pre, and got the bass I wanted, but that magic on vocals is gone and I miss it. How is the bass on the LS27? Do I need to save for a used Ref 5 to get what I want? Thanks for your input!
I own an LS26 and have heard the LS27 but not in my system. But I have heard the Standard REF5 compared to the LS27 at the dealer and we both agreed that the LS27 is a bargain by comparison. I beleive this proximaty in performance was the catalyst behind the release of the REF5-SE. I have been told that there will not be an LS27-SE. I think sometimes the manufactures surprise themselves.
As far as your question on the bass on the 27 vs. the 26, I can only speculate it would be better. The new power supply on the 27 should be able to deliver in times in transient need. I want an LS27 for myself but so far when I stand on the corner with my sign "please donate for my LS27" I get strange looks and an occasional nickel.....
No, there are things that can be done to the LS-26 to improve the bass. You can email me if you like by looking up my screen name info.
Or you can connect a powered sub as long as its bass is natural and musical. This can provide the needed low-end and preserve the all important midrange. I thought my solid state preamp was bass shy until I connected it to a PSE amp. Wow, the low-end improved tremendously. So sometimes it is not always the preamp's fault.
Hello , the amount of bass depends also on the poweramplifier you are using , if its a ACR , ok the connection can 't be better , but another brand of poweramp you must assure the inputimp of the amp is more than 100KOHM Is it less you will have less bass .I owned
two magic Sphinx PJ 26 mono amps , but they had an inputimp of 600 Ohm , no perfect match , after changing to BAT VK 1000 monoblocks it is a marriage in heaven ( ARC REF 3 preamp )
Thanks folks. About the power amp being a key component, especially for bass management - I agree! That's why I have a Krell FPB400cx - 400 watts of Krell bass. What has been shocking is how big a change in the overall character of the sound the preamp made while the amp remained a constant, and how much of a chameleon the Krell amp was.

Great info on the small delta in performance of the LS27 vs. the Ref 5.
hello Hifigeek1 , can you tell us more about doing things in the LS 26 to improve the bass.I can 't email you due to restriction to Audiogon
very interested in this as well
hello Hifigeek1 , we are interested in your things that can be done in the LS 26 to improve the bass. Please let us know
I would have to see your preamp first. Then, once I have gone through it we can discuss changes that can be made.
Hello Hifigeek1 , well I 'm living in Europe , so sending the amp is speaking for me no option .But I can supply you the schematics , would this help ?
Unfortunately it would not....