Low amount of buzz okay?

Hi all.
So compenents, arcam a65+ integrated used as preamp, odyssey strattos extreme SE +++, PSB imagine T.

The buzz (which does not sound to me anywhere close to 60hz, more higher frequency), is only listenable if I place my ears 6 inches or closer to speaker.

Is this that "big" of a deal? I mean, even if I try everything I can to isolate the noise, change wiring, etc...
Is this going to have any effect on my listening? Or quality of output?

I guess the ultimate question is: Is this amount of noise "normal"?

thanks much!
Ground hum is another possibility that may be worth looking into.
Had a similar buzz and found it went away completely with well shielded IC's Hope this helps. A buzz like this can also be saturating the mid range a bit and that may affect sound quality by masking microdynamics
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No buzz is normal.

If you are asking about it its probably worth addressing.

Myself, any background noise that i can hear is an issue. I want to hear
no noise coming from my gear. The exception is i can handle low level
noise (hiss) common with tube based phono gear, but only to a limited
extent even then.