Loving my tube Preamp, Class A amplifier. Whats your favorite amplifiyer combination?

I have had my Class A "Aegir" amplifier(s) x2 running in mono purchased about 6 months ago, combined with my Audio Research LS 25 Line Stage Tube Preamplifier and have been loving this combination. This is by far the sweetest sounding stereo sytem I have owned. These are couples with my Wilson-Benesch Square 2 speakers and REL 5/Tx (x2) subs. What combination of separates has re-energized your love of music?


I’m running my Decware ZMA amp with WE396A input tubes and Russian 6P3S power tubes. Using the preamp in my DAVE DAC keeps the signal path as simple as possible leading to amazing transparency, detail, and soundstage.


Carver A series ( Lightstar, AV705, AV505, etc) and Sunfire preamp driving JBL’s.

op, there are many many wonderful combinations

it is all about the amplifier/speaker load match to the room and desired volume levels, then you work back and synergize the preamp/linestage to sound beautiful with the amplifier

i have had your arc linestage as well as still having a pair of aegirs, but that particular model of arc was already gone, several years ago... i am nonetheless pretty confident the combo is terrific sounding, as is your wise choice of speaker/sub combo


Benchmark LA4 preamp | CODA #8 amp

CODA 07x preamp | Benchmark AHB2 mono

Benchmark LA4 preamp | Benchmark AHB2 mono

CODA 07x preamp | CODA #8 (though CODA #16 would be better)

Schitt Freya+ tube preamp | Benchmark AHB2 mono

CODA 07x preamp | KRELL Dou 175XD amp

Benchmark LA4 preamp | KRELL Duo 175XD amp

All of the listed combos were great. My to the grave combo I have in the office is the Benchmark LA4 preamp + AHB2 monos. I still need to buy a preamp and amp for my Livingroom system. Chances are it will be the LA4 preamp with a KRELL DUO amp (or CODA #16).

I sold all of the gear listed above except the LA4 and AHB2. I bought and sold the AHB2 amp 4x before I decided to use them permanently in my office.