Love Over Gold - Best LP?

I see lots of pressings of Dire Straits, Love Over Gold. Which version(s) are best?
Japanese pressing.
Japanese pressing, then the German pressing.
I think in this case I would also go with the Japanese pressing. Actually they often seem to have the better versions.
I have a "QUIEX II" Limited Edition Pressing that absolutely blows me away. Super quiet vinyl and an incredible recording. Bass that shakes the walls. It's on my "Best of Vinyl" list.
i'll second that quiex. i have one also and it's an amazing recording.
I did not know that it was available on Quiex... these still available?
the quiex copies were "not for resale" releases way before the classic records releases.
you find them on e-bay. do a search on quiex lp.
there are a few gems to be found with the quiex vinyl and they were reasonably priced, but maybe the word is out now!
If you think Love Over Gold is good have you heard On Every Street on vinyl? It is hard to find and I hope they reissue it. Even the CD is pretty good sonically and the songs too. Listen to Fade To Black.
The Quix copies are damn nice sounding,they were for promotion only henceforth they were sold as used although they were new. I even have Alchemy and Brothers in Arms on Quix and they sound superb too. Love Over Gold is my favorite Dire Straights recording although I took Brothers in Arms to audition my Amazing Carver loudspeakers.