love my ARC LS7.. but need remote, suggestions?

hate to do it but have to sell my LS7 because i absolutely need something with a remote, LOVE the LS7 sound so i'm looking to get another ARC tube pre, but im open to other brands if it'd be considered a step up.. has to be tube w/ remote though... i'll be using both a SS and tube power amp with it.. using peachtree nova as a dac, and pre, for now


An SP16L or SP17L depending on your budget. Amazing sound for anywhere near the price and both have a remote.
Quicksilver makes a linestage with remote.
thanks for the suggestions ill look into those
LS15 is a big step up, still with the ARC 'sound', plus remote.
I upgraded from the LS-7 to the LS-15 years ago, for the same reason. I was told by the salesman that the LS-15 is an LS-7 with a remote.
hi lloydc, thanks for the response

hmm, the ls15 seems to be for around 1500, while the ls7 is around 700

it seems like a lot extra money just for a remote... do you notice any sonic differences?
Joule-Electra LA-150 Mk2 !!!!!!!!!!!
Mrkoven, if there was a difference, I did not hear it. I've had mine for 10 years or so. NOS tubes certainly make a difference. btw, you sometimes see LS-15's on Agon for $1200, if you can stand to wait. Dob, don't the Joules tend to be more "tubey" than AR?
"Dob, don't the Joules tend to be more "tubey" than AR? "

Yes, I believe so. But they are more musical and involving and more ACCURATE - at least in reproduction of cello, as far as I am concerned. Mrkoven can improve sound even much more by upgarding this preamp to Signature which has 80 - 85% percent performance of LA-300ME, which per Harry Pearson - most romantic preamp. Yet no euphonic sound no colorations. I agree with HP, I own "300"...

All The Best