Love for Spatial Audio Sapphire M5s

I just purchased the newest model of open baffle speakers from Spatial Audio, called the Sapphire M5s. Before I bought them, I did plenty of online research, and found a lot of love for this small company, including some favorable postings on Audiogon. Turns out it wasn't just hype. These speakers sound amazing, and they are only the entry-level model at $3500. My main concern for buying the M5s was that the bass driver is smaller than the other models. But it turns out my M5s integrate really well with my SVS subwoofer (after I messed with room placement). The highs and mids were outstanding from the get go. BTW, I am streaming Tidal from my Macbook using Audinirvana software, running through a Parasound Hint integrated. 
Glad you like them. I am very intrigued with the Spatial open baffle design and have been looking for a pair myself.

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You may already know this, but the company is run by one guy, Clayton Shaw, who designed all the products. Before I bought my speakers, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos of Clayton at audio shows, and so forth, and was impressed enough to call him. He was totally accessible. And he did not hard-sell me at all. Really refreshing approach.
I had a pair of X3s for about a year. Clayton is very good to deal with and makes some fine products.


I've had the M3 Turbo S's for a few years and love them! They do almost everything well - imaging, soundstage, location, warmth, presence. I was about to tour Mr. Shaw's facility before Covid descended.
Great speakers, great designer, and fantastic sound while being fair price. I own the M3's. After break in and getting them set up right for my room, one of the finest speakers I owned, and I am a Quad lover. 
There is a new model coming out soon.. it is the M4. I believe it is priced between the M3 and the M5 and uses 2-12" woofers instead of 15'. Clayton Shaw is a great guy and a joy to talk with.