Lovan Classic II Amp Stand

I am considering buying two Lovan Classic II Amp Stand for my mono block amps, but would like to hear your opinion about these stands. Because in looking them over, the shelf seems to be so thin and I am wondering if they could hold a Mcintosh MC501 amp which weighs about 92 lbs. Can someone with these amp stand comment on this?
I have my MC 501 amps on Lovan Sovereign stands with glass shelves. These stands work well for my application.
I have not tried the Lovan Classic II stands, but understand these are lighter duty than the Sovereign stands. Someone on audioasylum.com reported using a Lovan Classic stand to support a 95 pound amp.
Some on audiogon have reported problems with some of the Lovan stands. One poster suggested using the stock shelf as a template for a heavier duty DIY shelf.
I have used Lovan stands in the past. I believe the Sovereign units. For amps they work pretty good. I am not so crazy about the Tri stand configuration mainly because of the fact that the 3rd post is right in the rear middle and obstructs the running of cable and sometimes equipment placement. For your application, you would not have to worry about that.