I went to a concert at Bank America Pavillion in Boston last night. I saw Tedeschi and Trucks, and The Black Crows. A terrific concert; The Tedeschi and Trucks Band was especially terrific.

Unfortunately, these bands sound better in my living room than at this beautiful, outdoor venue.

Many venues have extremely poor acoustics and/or poor sound systems. The music is often terribly distorted, details and nuances of the instrumentals and voices are lost. The sound presents as a congealed distorted mess. The art of these incredibly talented musicians cannot be fully appreciated without clear sound. Listening to music in these crappy venues is like looking at masterpiece paintings in dimly lit museums with dirty glasses. The colors, details and brush strokes are indistinct. The artistic genius cannot be fully appreciated. The Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA., Fenway Park and The Boston Garden are just as bad as The Bank Of America Pavillion, if not worse.

I am frustrated with these venues that cannot provide great sound to accompany the great music. What is the sense of attending live concerts if the sound quality sucks. Does anyone else share my frustration?
Yup, might as well stick to Boston's Symphony Hall. I remember it as sounding very good. Lots of wood. Here in Sarasota, Fl. we have the famous Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. Designed and shaped intentionally with sound and acoustics in mind. Sounds like a transistor radio compared to our local Opera house. Lots of wood in the Opera house as well.
a more recent trend that is only occasionally acknowledged is to make new sports venues loud. Rose garden in portland for example is specially designed to reflect sound fron the stands down to the floor and presumably back. even has panels to lower o make it louder. idea it to have loudest arena in nba. I was told that several others do the same thing and its the new hip thing to do in civic arenas. acoustics really suck. like ipod in toilet bad.
I saw Clapton/Winwood in an arena and discovered a source of distortion I was surprised by. I had a bottled water from the concession stand and was holding it in my hand. I heard this distortion that was fogging the sound and after a few minutes discovered that if I covered the bottle with my hand the distortion went away. take my hand away and it was back. I pointed to my wife and she heard it too.

Now imagine how many open bottles are in the arena and there is just one source of noise we don't have at home.

BTW, I'm jealous that you heard Tedeschi Trucks, trucks was actually the back up band to the Clapton/Winwood concert. He is amazing and Susan is even better. She is one of my favorites.
Most people in the audience don't seem to mind that the music/sound is very distorted. I think most people are completely unaware of the poor acoustics. My son says, in jest, that I have ruined it for him. When he goes to concerts with friends and complains about the poor acoustics, they do not understand what he is talking about.