Lousy IEC Connections

I have had many different power cords.  I will not name manufacturers, but they are well known.  I continue to experience IEC plug slop.  And, quite frankly, I am tired of it.  Why spend the money on the cord when the connection is ultimately lame.
Have you experienced said slop and have you a solution?
Thank you.  Obviously missed those.
A piece of heat shrink worked good for me.
I use SonarQuest Silver plated on Copper from eBay (other plating materials available).

They have superior clamping (like a vice) and the "arms" that clamp the pins in the IEC Chassis socket are noticeably thicker than other plugs

I've tried many brands, but these are clearly the best available

Hope that Helps - Steve
Two issues with my pretty heavy Shunyata PCs. 1. They can pull up lighter components.
2. The wall connection needs a cable riser to keep it from pulling out.