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Looking for audiophiles in the Louisville area. I've been building my audio system for several years, and even though I now have a really good system, I feel like I have a lot to learn, such as every time I pick up a review and don't understand the basic terms discussed. If you're in the Louisville area and would like to share listening experiences or music, give me a shout! Glenn at gaprice@fbtlaw.com or 553-9830.
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I have been building a two channel system for about a year  now have learned a lot and more to learn.I know these post are old and there is no Mid to high in Brick and mortar sales Businesses in Louisville. If you're interested in a conversation of Audiophile,Contact mikeamullins@gmail.com I'm in the Goshen area.
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I think the brick and mortar that was in Middletown either went out of business.  I went in there a few times and remember the Classe