Loudspeaker recommendations for Mac amps

Does anybody have recommendations for loudspeakers that pair up well with vintage Mac amps? I have a MC2205 and MC2105 that I plan to biamp through a Marantz PM-17. The speakers I currently have are KEF Q series, which were designed for home theater, so the bass is heavy, not tight and punchy. Any suggestions?
I have used McIntosh with many varity of different speaker and the results do vary. So it is very hard to suggest you which one to get but to trust your own ears. And if you are lucky, like me who has a local audio store that lends me speakers to try. IMO I like it with NHT 3.3 very rich and detail with my MC 352 amp and MC 42 pre-amp. Good Luck.
I would add that the Mac setup I am looking for is for two channel hi-fi listening only... not home theater.
I think that with VERY good placement Martin Logans might be quite nice with the Macs.
I argee with Martin Logans. I have three 2205's and a 2125 running my home theater. Two 2205's (in mono) driving reQuests, one driving the Aerius i's in the rear and the 2125 (in mono) driving a Logos. It's quite nice.