Loudspeaker - Amplifier Combination

I own a pair of Totem Forest loudspeakers. They are driven by a Cambridge Audio C500 control amp and a P500 power amp.

I'm not sure if this power amp is sufficent. Maybe bi-amping with another P500 would help.

What is your view?
great speakers..and yes, your power is sufficent...bi amping however would give you more power and perhaps a little more control, but may not improve the overall sound...sometimes less is more for that totem midrange.
very nice speakers. i also own a couple of pairs of totem speakers. Totem speakers do tend to need more power than one might think. i don't have any experience with the cambridge audio lineup, but i do know that totems sound fantastic with mcintosh, classe, and odyssey amplifiers.
If power is not really an issue should I upgrade my cables?

I currently use YBA HP Glass speaker cables and Audiovinyl interconnects (made by my audio dealer consisting of Suhner+Huber cables and Neutric connectors).

I have one set of Jcaudio WOW interconnects which is use to link my Grado RA-1 headphone amp directly with the source and I find them quite nice.

Would it make sense to use such interconnects in my entire system or should I upgrade my speaker cables?
i have not heard your cables in any system before. I would demo a couple of different cable brands to see if they make a difference. try to use the same manufacturer for all of your cables. I have had many different brands (straightwire, cardas, transparent, audioquest) and have demo'd others before switching all to bogdan silver cables.