Good morning friends.

I went to Jim Thorpe over the weekend to see Loudon Wainwright III, and despite my low expectations was more (much more) than impressed by the man, his talent, his ability, and would urge all to take advantage if he plays near you.  A great performer, songwriter, singer, story-teller, commentator, all of it.
"They put their feet
On your lunch meat"

Is this the original LWIII?
Yes, he is pretty cool...
I love Loudon.  Have seen him several times and got to speak with him once ( my friend books folk music).  Have seen his son Rufus and also his daughter Lucy with Loudon and Suzy Roche joining her on stage at Joe's Pub.

I love Loudons writing and recordings, but have never seen him live. I better do so soon, before he too dies.
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01-17-2017 7:04pm
He's the "New Bob Dylan

Huh? I'm pretty sure Springsteen was the new Bob Dylan.


Loudons Last Man On Earth album from 2001 is fantastic, a particular favorite of mine. Loudon hit the scene before Stringbeen, making him the original new Dylan ;-).
I've worked with and recorded Loudon on 3 live gigs. He is a very nice, witty and engaging man. His performances are always a treat and I view it as an honor to have captured them.