loudness level?

I am thinking about getting into vinyl. I set up my old Thorens TD165/ Dynavector 10x5. I have a Simaudio integrated and LP3 phono stage. The jumpers in the LP3 are correctly set for the MC 10x5 cartridge. All cables are hooked up correctly. The sound is louder playing a cd than phono at the same volume setting on the amp. Is this normal with vinyl? If so, is it the same with a MM cartridge?
At this point I'm not really looking for equipment suggestions. If I decide to plunge in further I will give serious thought to upgrades later. I figure by then I will have the check that George Bush is sending me. He really wants me to spend it.
If you want the analog to sound as loud as the digital, you'll have to get a cartridge with a higher mV output or a MC pre-amp with more gain. Are you having to turn up the volume to the point at which noise becomes an issue? If not: don't worry about it, and just enjoy the music. It's the same with MM cartridges. Some have more output than others.
The volume from the vinyl is determined by the output of the cartridge and the gain of the phono stage. It is highly unlikely that for a given combo it would exactly match the output of a given CD player. Depending on the equipment involved the vinyl could just as easily be louder than the CD.

This is a non issue as long as you can turn the vinyl up as loud as you want.
Using a Dynavevtor 20XL and a P75 preamp in my system is actually louder than my cd player. So it depends on your gear and set up.

You have your phono preamp set up incorrectly.

Set it up for use with a MM cartridge. This is how the 10x5 wants to be treated because it's a hi-output MC designed for use with MM phono stages.

If you can change the gain independently from the loading, then try both gain settings on your Moon (40 and 60db gain), but in any case you should load the 10x5 with 47K (as you would with a MM), not 100 (for MCs).