Louder sound from left ear cup.

I have the Bowers & Wilkens PX7 v2 wireless headphones, and the sound from the left ear cup is louder than the right. To make sure it wasn’t a hearing issue I switched the orientation and that same ear cup is still louder. Tried two different streaming services (Qobuz and Amazon) with the same result. Streaming from an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Also tried them streaming from my iPad Pro, same result. There’s no balance control on the phone, the headphone app, or iPad.  I’m thinking I’m going to have to send them back unless someone with more knowledge on this topic can help!


PS- They sound great, other than that issue.

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To check balance in left and right channels, look up Pulse Ultra - Build Your Cages. A stereo pan from left to right.

You may have to open them up (the enclosure) remove some screws and check to see if a wire is loose on the backside of the driver unit. If so, it will mess up proper polarity + and - , like on speakers.

Resoldering or even applying some silicone glue can solve the problem.



Thanks for the info, that song really brings out the deficiency.  I’m thinking that if I open them up I might void the warranty.  Oh for the want of simple balance control…