Loud Pop when I turn off my RIGHT channel? HELP

OK, I am writing yet again! I posted correct turn on/off thread and have been following the good advice I received. I am getting a rather loud pop through my speaker when I turn off my right channel amp. I have Adcom 565 monos and a 565 preamp. I know what a "normal" turn off little baby pop is, I get that in the left channel. The right one is significantly Louder, not make me deaf loud but afraid after time it might mess up my pretty little speaker loud. OK boys and girls fire away I await your responses. By the way Just bought an SACD player and LOVE IT!! Had to throw that in there I am now a convinced fan of the format.

I no longer own it but I used to have an Adcom power-amp, which was a good amp, however they nearly all would have a pop in one of the channels at power-down. It was never necessarially the same channel but it was always there and I was told by my retailer that it was fairly common among Adcom amps.

My one suggestion to you would be to hit the mute switch, if available, and always turn the volumn down before powering down.

My first question would be why even turn them off? If your concerned about electricity they just do not costs that much to leave on nor really use that much energy in the scheme of things. Having said that if you would wait a while after you are done playing them to turn them off you might find the pop to not be as significant.
Stewart I was gonna post the same thing - why are you even powering off? Keeping that thing always warm it will sound better, last longer, & won't "pop" your endangered speakers.