Loud buzz / hum on my Aesthestix Calypso Preamp?

Help needed - Originally it was very soft and now it’s getting loud right from the get go on both channels from the speakers.
Changed tubes from Mullard to EH Gold pins and each time its turned on, the hum does not go away and the volume generally is much softer than normal probably by 5 to 10db give or take. Occasionally its present only at the beginning of start up, probably 2 minutes and it slowly goes away completely. Placed the original Mullard tubes back and the hum is still there. Power amp is via ARC VS110 unbalanced. Its still present, loud enough to frustrate! Did anyone have issues with EH tubes with their Calypso preamp?
Any suggestions?
I have had a Calypso about 4 years and never had the volume change after the preamp was turned on. Only time it ever changed was substituting a lower gain tube such as a 6dj9 for a 6922. As far as tube hiss goes, I never have had much from any tube I have used. The one time I had some tube hiss from about 2' away from the speakers I changed the jumpers in the calypso and reduced the gain by 12 db which got rid of the tube hiss.

You could call Aesthetix and get their opinion on your problem.
Is your Aesthestix Calypso Preamp plugged into a line conditioner or the AC directly from the wall?
My is plugged into a regenerator by PS Audio. Probably going to try a few things there, never thought about my AC but I am pretty sure it coming from the pre...... but will try that for sure
Please note that there is no sound huming from the preamplifier, its coming through the speakers loud and clear.
Try routing the preamps L channel to the R input on the amp, and the R preamp output to the L input on the amp. If the problem switches speakers, then the problem is in the preamp or the source. If the problem does not switch speakers, then the problem actually lies in the amp rather than the preamp.

That's my recommendation before you assume it's a problem with the preamp.

Check the voltage coming ot of your regenerator (by PS Audio) and see if it's normal voltage or in the normal range or higher, OR plug your preamp into a wall outlet (just for the heck of it) as see if the problem continues. I have found that my Aesthestix Calypso is very sensitive to any voltage that is elevated. Please report back one way or the other, I'd personally be interested.
I have no experience with the Calypso, but when the capacitors in my PS Audio P500 were dying, there was similar loud buzz/hum coming from my speakers.
Hmmmm, I will try a few suggestions this weekend and also the suggestion from Aesthestix, told to remote all inputs except the outs to the power amp and see if the hum is still there. I will also check and see if the gain jumpers are fulling locked in. Thanks

Will post once evalueated

I had my Calypso Plugged into my T-4 line conditioner (in one of my systems pictures) and both speakers were humming. Eventually I plugged the Calypso into the wall outlet and that solved my problems. The T-4 was out-putting 130 volts or so. Didn't bother my tuner of CDP but bothered the Calypso!