Lou Reed/Metallica "Lulu" just awful

Just checked out Lou Reed's latest album Lulu. He is backed by Metallica. Lulu may be one of the worst albums of all time.As a long time Reed fan I am willing to give him a certain amount of artistic license. However, this offering is simply unlistenable.
Thanks for the heads up. As far as I'm concerned Lou is perfectly capable of putting out garbage. I do have a lot of respect for him, but geez, get a grip. Leave us with something Lou.
I read the same thing over at AA

DANGER Will Robinson!

A big Reed fan here, but Reed and Metallica is just wrong on so many levels...YIKES.
I've been a huge Lou fan...his music changed my life...but IMO he seems to have gone off the rails, unfortunately becoming a parody (of a parody) of himself. I thought the Onion music review of Lulu was dead on (and absolutely hilarious!). Here's an excerpt:

"...that feature Reed bleating like a dementia-stricken uncle over his nephews’ numbskull garage band".

I wouldn't mention it...because different strokes for different folks...but Lou was SO "anti" this type of thing coming up...it's just so painfully ironic. I'm afraid he's fallen victim to his own enormous ego.

Again: Only my opinion...which (don't forget) is what this forum's about.
Don't know anything about this record, but it will have to be pretty damn awful to supplant Metal Machine Music as Reed's worst ever.

When Lou's on his game, he's damn near unbeatable - but MMM is all-time stinker.
For those that really know Lou's history...they'll know that he maliciously released Metal Machine Music...to bitterly fulfill a contract... the album was purposely bad (a double album of distortion). He thought it was clever because people would take it as serious art (and the joke would be on them...and the record company). Well this album wasn't supposed to be a joke...and it's probably worse.

I've never verified this personally...but supposed some copies of the album were purposely pressed so the arm would not move far enough to lift automatically. It would not surprise me because he can be such a #$%^weed.
At least he tries and does new things. The Raven CD comes to mind.

So many musicians recycle the same stuff over and over again. How interesting is that.

MMM was in fact put out to satisfy contractual obligations. He owed two LPs so he put out a double LP of feedback loops with artsy liner notes. Each side was one second above the bare minimum required for an album per his contract.

I laugh when I see that RCA released a 24 karat CD remaster of it. Barnum was right.
I loathe Lou Reed.
For the record, I am aware of the history of MMM. I'm also aware that Lou Reed has - to this day - denied the story. I doubt that he has liability concerns these days, but he may still be being cheeky.

Either way, I wasn't commenting on the intent behind the release of MMM, merely that it sucks.

Marty...your posting must have come in right while I was posting mine...just a coincidence we were both talking MMM. I wasn't ref'g to your post--no disrespect intended.

But now that you brought that up.... I know he's denied that... and probably only he will ever know...but it was monumentally bad. I also read that (this says a lot about us fans too) during that (MMM promotion) time when he got off a plane in Japan, they had MMM blaring through the airport sound system...apparently taking it very seriously.

I would bet a huge amount of money though that it was a purposeful FU rather than "art."

I'm afraid Lou's jumped the shark...and the sad thing is...he's the only one who doesn't know it.

Transformer remains my favorite album of ALL time... period.

I think MMM is pretty brilliant and relaxing. Don't forget that it also had a Blu-ray release in surround.
Lou Reed is one of the most overrated artists of all time.
Bill, there are at least a dozen extraordinary albums in there across several eras of R&R. Unfortunately not much of late.
Don't agree dgarretson.

The guy is a slug.

I have a similiar opinion of David Bowie.

love Lou Reed's older stuff...hate this albume. i agree...it really is that bad.
ROCK N ROLL ANIMAL, NEW YORK, MISTRIALS to name a few are great albums.
Bill for a NY-metro guy you need to get out more. Magic and Loss, Lou's fine tribute to Doc Pomus, forgives all sins. New York is fab-- hello goodbye to Giuliani and the Holloween parade. Set the Twilight Reeling is all egg cream, Songs for Drella is elegy to Warhol's NY with the great John Cale, Legendary Hearts is Rt. 80 on a Kawasaki, Growing Up in Public with your pants down. The best of LR is personal and transcendant.
great posts. I love the old Reed stuff. When it comes to listening to rock and roll on the heavy side, I would rather listen to classic Sweet Jane off of Rock and Roll Animal than anything Metallica has ever released.But hey, that's just me. I guess I am showing my age because I prefer music that will stand the test of time.
I like a lot of the Velvet's material - and I suspect that it was really influential for guys like Brian Eno and the others who started the process of "abstracting" the r'n'r backbeat for more than momentum and urgency. I also like Reed's first solo album (s/t) and Berlin (almost despite myself). After that (1973?), my response to his records started a long, pretty steady decline. Only a few of his records over the last 40 years have registered for me at all.

It takes real adoration and pure BS to claim Lou made that album "intentionally bad" and the joke was on everyone. Trust me, Lou is hardly that bright, it was bad because an idiot made it nothing more. How can this guy be called brilliant is way beyond me, from his Velvet days and beyond he is stupidity amplified.
So sorry, I was directing that at Marty.
No worries Chad... but this is a good opportunity to say something...

My feeling: Before anyone disses Lou wholesale... they should really listen to Transformer, New Sensations, and New York. Lou Reed is actually fairly unique in staying relevant for at least 3 decades! How many other artists can you say that (and don't say the stones, they've been coasting since Tattoo you!...and don't get me started on The Who...farewell tour 1983 ..exactly.

Have you heard Twilight Reeling? I know that he often talks his songs... but very few can turn a phrase like Lou. Lou's been an incredible influence to many many many bands. He's just begun to take himself too seriously. If there wasn't a Velvet Underground you wouldn't have the Pixies, Nirvana, Weezer, and many others (yes, I know you crabby old ba$4ards are saying that would be a good thing right now ; ). The Velvet Underground opened the door for SO MUCH good music! They truly offered an alternative for formulaic British Pop.

I'll never get you guys that hate things without hearing it...let alone, listening to it.

For the record - again - I never said that the record was intentionally bad. I said that, I, too had heard the story that it was deliberately bad and that Lou Reed continues to deny that it was deliberately bad. I don't know whether it was a misfire or if he intentionally delivered a turd. I just know that it sucks.

Further, I never called him brilliant - I just said that I liked a fair bit of The VU material and that it was highly influential on a lot of the people who re-shaped rock in the late '60s/early '70s. That can be confirmed by a quick listen and/or some research. Why not see who covered the VU songs from 1970 forward for a sense of this?

I also like his first two solo records.

I even mentioned that he has done very little over the last 40 years that I find interesting and you call that adoration?


I've mostly been listening to LuLu on headphones while working. Good background music. To me the "Loutallica" experiment was just awful primarily due to Lou Reed IMO. I enjoyed Metallica's guitar parts but Lou Reed's fragmented/fractured poetry songs whatever you want to call it really gets me. I would have liked it if they split it up. Say one of Lou Reed's poems followed by Metallica's guitar jams inspired by the poetry.

One song sounds like a metal band jamming and then a old angry man walks in on the concert and starts rambling.

Well I'm assuming both parties had fun putting together this "art". Hopefully Metallica's next collaboration will be better executed.
Lou Reed + Metallica???

Haven't heard it but it doesn't add up for me on paper.

Sounds like a bad idea. At least Dylan and the Dead sounded good on paper.

Death Magnetic is the most recetn Metallica I have heard. It ranks pretty high on the ear bleed scale in terms of its loudness wars mettle. Metallica might get by with this somehow but I can't see it working for Lou Reed at all if that were the case?

Ed Reed, maybe....

Scooby Doo did not do much for the Three Stooges either.
There is nobody who has abused his talents more than Lou...maybe rod stewart...that being said...street hassle is a lost gem...iggy solo is hit or miss....new values is amazing
if that album is called "art" then i piss on that art...