Lots of Rogue Audio M120 mono blocks

I was thinking of buying a pair of these I've read many good reviews.Why are their so many for sale?
Perhaps because the 150s, which have replaced the 120s, are now available.
And the Magnum version M120s, which were upgrades over the original M120s. There are alot of these amps out there, and with those upgraded/newer products, it's a buyer's market. I'd recommend them, they're one of the better buys out there for the money.
X2 - what MWILSON said. Right now is the right time to buy them. They're only drawback is that they produce a lot of heat, but then again winter is right around the corner...

For the used prices I see now I'd buy them again.
The M120 is a Fantastic value. I was going to upgrade to a antique Hurricane amp dealer said dont bother wouldnt be much of an upgrade. this was fron 2 diffrent dealers as well as high-endaudio.com