Lots of detail, great imaging, not much bass?

Since my o.p. didn't go through, here's the short version...

Looking at possibly buying a pair of great imaging, loads of detail, low bass (as not to bother neighbors) speaker.

Budget $700-?

Front end is Classe Ca-150, lightspeed attenuator, parasound z dac blah blah blah.

Musical tastes: rock, house music, jazz, female vocals...

Want great imaging, detail and bass I can hear, jusy not bass the neighbors can hear!

Suggestions? Totems? Silverline minuets? I'd prefer to buy used since I'm looking for lots of bang for the buck!

Mucho Gracias!
Both good options. For me, I like Celestions, Totems...can you get older Maggies for that?...was it the 1.4 or 1.6? Maybe? If so, that would be killer. Good luck!