lots of channels: biamp or no?

hi all. i am running an operetta 5140 amp and a marantz sr 6003 for a home theater/2 channel system. speakers are all totem dreamcatcher, sub is carver true sub eq.
my question is, i will have 10 channels of amplification for 5 speakers. the totems are bi-ampable. should i biamp or not really worth it? what configuration would y'all suggest? 5 channels from the jaton and 5 from the marantz, the dreamcatchers are all 4 ohm except for the center which is 8. i can't really experiment because the cables are going in the wall, so the decision is somewhat final. thank you for any and all advice.
I wouldnt bother to bi amp surrounds unless they were full range and for a music surround, for movies I dont think the cost vs benefit is really justifiable. If you are gonna cross over speakers at a limited frequency then why bother as the amp isnt going to see a tough load period.
Thats just my opinion, I bi amp my mains and bridge my center but all 4 surrounds just get regular power.
I agree with Chadnliz. mixing the 2 amps is likely to muddy your performance best case. The ONLY time I have had better results with passive biamping was using identical amps, and one amp per speaker (ie one stereo amp, Ch driving low, ch b driving m-h). Further, your speaker's aren't (AFAIK) hard to drive. Simpler will be better.