Lost it to Black Friday! Ordered it!

Black Friday got me! I just placed orders for a Mini GaN5 power amplifier from ClassD Audio and from Buchardt a I150 integrated amplifier......Looking into the latest GaN technology and the Buchardt I150 should prove to be my forever PREamplifier. All the reviews rave about the amazing preamplifier, room correction, eq and more......Speakers will be Magnepan LRS, KEF LS50 Metas and Pensil 10....Should be fun!


Just keep in mind that most integrated amps, especially budget models, use cheap alps pots for attenuation. This is a bottleneck for sound quality. The attenuator isn’t everything, but it’s a big thing.



What appealed to you about the GAN mini 5?

I have one too, as summertime relief from my Dyna tube amps. Seems good to me despite the disappointing results obtained by ASR. Curious to hear your reaction. 

That’s a good start , as a Audiophile  you progress just add another $$ 0

the buying process never ends , and just tailored as you buy the next  better tier 

of Audio equipment ,with me 40+ years later ,Digital for example has made great strides in the last few years ,  enjoy your new gear though.

What appealed to you about the GAN mini 5? 

im just very interested in the latest technology. I have tube amps, class AB, classA and ICE class D…. This is just the next phase

Congrats on the purchase and enjoy, spend most of my day checking out the rsd sales around town, scored some great albums at decent prices....not as good as the 70/80's sale prices mind you....