Lost in Speaker Cable Land - $350 Budget

I'm wondering if anyone can help me with some recc's for my best options. I need two 8ft runs and my budget as stated above is $350. My system is as follows: Krell HTS 7.1, Rotel RMB 1075 and Sonus Faber Grand Pianos. I'm currently using Lat International IC80 interconnects. Musical taste is Classic Rock and Jazz.

I'm completely overwhelmed in this cable land quagmire. I am considering the Lat International SS 1000. Either that or I may just throw my hands up in the air and pick up some home depot lampcord in frustration.

Please help.
I have the SS-1000 and give you one advice: Go for it. I used it to replace already good cables from German manufacturer HMS (model In Concerto, 800 dollars). Since then, I compared the LAT to much more expensive Transparant cables, Nordost, Straight Wire and Swedish Supra. None were as good as the LAT.
Analysis Plus Oval 9 is a great contender well within your pricerange.
i would look into audio magic excalibur 2... all silver but no harshness or brightness just very accurated a detailed. look at www.audio-magic.com
I vote for Kimber 4TC.
I believe Luminous Audio also has wire in that price range.
I agree that the Analysis Plus is consistently great for the price.
I've been reading up on the analysi plus oval 9. Seems to get great reviews and would probably complement the sonuses which as you all know aren't the best on the low end.

follow up question - should i then also use the oval 9 for the center channel to best match the tonal qualities produced by the l/r channels?

thanks again.
I had AP Oval 9's on left, right AND center Martin Logan speakers before upgrading to much more expensive Shunyata Lyras.

They are a terrific value given their price, and I totally agree with the other posters' recommendations here. They will add alot of mid-bass bloom and weight if you need that. They do tend to be a bit rolled-off on the highs, but in a very revealing, lean system, that may not be a bad thing.

I also feel that you should always go forward with a center cable that is the same as the left & right - timbre matching is very important and cabling can affect that.
Do yourself a favor, and send an email to Audiogon user Greggstraley. He has some modified Stan Warren design interconnects and speaker cables that are the truest of giant-killers I've ever heard.

I have these in my system, and sometimes put in the UByte speaker cables as implemented by Aural Thrills Audio (Audiogon userid billardhockey). Either of these are absolutely killer, and both are under your budget.

Can't go wrong with either of these, IMO.

Whatever you end up choosing, good luck !

Todd - chams_uk
An 8' pair of Acoustic Zen Satori sells used for about your budget of $350.00. If you want to add a little warmth to your system, the Stealth Premier II speaker cables are reference quality; Basically Cardas-type sound on a budget. There's a pair for sale right now on Audiogon from yours truly.
Look for some used Sumiko OCOS cables, or strech your
budget for Audience Au24s.

PS- If frustration sets in and you have to go to Home DePod- look for some 12 gauge Thhn Colonial machine tool wire.

Look for a pair of used Zu WAX, they can be had for about your price range.
Would second the Az Satoris.
Thanks to all. I've decided to go with AP Oval 9.

Happy listening.
AZ Satori's sound great. A shotgun bi-wire pair of AZ Satori's beat out a pair of AQ Dragon bi-wires and a pair of Homegrown Audio Silver Lace bi-wires.
I have the grand pianos too, among other things, and I used to run them with Analysis Plus Oval 9s. I highly recommend them.
Any of you folks have experience with the MIT AVt3's? I just picked up a pair (plus one for the center) to use with my Adcom amps and Thiel speakers, but so far they haven't wowed me.

Thanks, Tom.
Cabling is very subjective and somewhat system dependent. That being said, after using several pricey cables I have settled on and kept AP Oval 9s and Luminous SS ICs.

I am finally off the cabling merry-go-round, they work for me.